Eat more to lose more: Your portions on the Fast Metabolism Diet

Eat more to lose more: Your portions on the Fast Metabolism Diet

After a lifetime of deprivation diets, many of my clients kind of freak out when they see how much food I want them to eat. The book, The Fast Metabolism Diet, is a result of 20 years of clinical work, translating proven strategies from an office setting to a plan that can work for everyone. We’ve had feedback from plenty of you that the portion guidelines are confusing, so let’s talk about that.

It’s actually pretty simple: If your goal is to lose a larger amount of weight, you eat more food.

Your basic portion guidelines

  • If you want to lose less than 20 pounds, follow the standard portions outlined in the book.
  • If you want to lose more than 20 pounds, add 1/2 portion to that standard portion, so 1.5 portions.
  • If you want to lose more than 40 pounds, eat 1.5 portions but double the veggies.

For those of you who want to lose more than 40 pounds, note that this is a change from the book. The book advises adding another 1/2 portion for every additional 20 pounds of weight you want to lose. But there’s no upper cap in the book. That would mean, for a 100-pound weight-loss goal, the book guides you to eat 3 cups of oatmeal along with three cups of fruit (for Phase 1 breakfast). The problem? That’s too much food for a normal stomach to process in one sitting.

This change comes as a result of feedback from hundreds (actually thousands) of you. Double and triple portions are just way too much food – and because you’re trying to eat all your required items, not enough veggies are making it into your menus. So here’s the new rule again:

  • For a weight loss goal of more than 40 pounds, eat 1.5 portions of all the required meal and snack elements


  • Go nuts with veggies. Pack ‘em in. You should not ever feel hungry. Eat more vegetables than you’ve ever eaten before.

Other common portion questions

Q. What’s the minimum amount of veggies I should eat?

A. I keep saying veggies are unlimited, and they are! Eat lots! Veggies are essential for fat burning and healing your metabolism. At minimum, eat 2 cups of vegetables with meals that require a veggie, and one 1 cup with snacks.

Q. I’m hungry on Phase 1. Should I eat more?

A. You should not feel hungry, and if you do, eat more veggies, even between meals. Keep in mind your vegetables don’t have to be raw. Try a baked sweet potato, or steamed kale with garlic and lemon. Or the chilled radish salad that was in my newsletter a couple of weeks ago.

Q. I’m confused about healthy fats and proteins on Phase 3. Do I need both or just one or the other?

A. For meals, you need both. For snacks, focus on the healthy fat plus veggies. This blog post covers that topic: See “Fat, Protein: Why you need both

Q. The app tells me I can have 4.5 tablespoons of oil in Phase 3. Really?

A. Yes, that would be the oil portion if you want to lose more than 20 pounds. Do you HAVE to pack in all 4.5 tablespoons? No. Keep in mind that is the full fat serving for an entire meal — if you use no other healthy fats at all. In reality, you can use 2 tablespoons for your veggie stir fry at dinner, and another 2 tablespoons in your salad dressing. Or maybe you’ll use 2 tablespoons for your stir fry, but toss in 1/8 cup of sesame seeds (1/4 cup of seeds would be the full portion). See? That amount of oil doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it?

You can and should use your best judgement and use the healthy fats you need for your cooking. And you can mix and match healthy fats appropriately: Use 1/2 portion of hummus plus 1/4 avocado. Or 1/8 cup of raw almonds plus 1/8 cup of olives. Be creative and mix it up! Bottom line: For the standard portion, use anywhere from 2 to 4 tablespoons of oil. For those doing 1.5 portions, aim for between 3 and 5 tablespoons.

Q. For fruits you say 1 cup or 1 piece. But what about small fruits like kiwi?

A. For fruits that are especially small, eat two. Imagine cutting that fruit up. Would it equal a cup? If not, add another piece (or half of a piece).

Q. What are the portion sizes for packaged breads and tortillas?

A. Even though the grain portion on Phase 3 is half that of Phase 1 (i.e. 1/2 cup wild rice compared to 1 cup on Phase 1), the standard portions for packaged items on Phase 1 and Phase 3 are the same. Otherwise, we’d get into a situation where the portion size was 3/8 of a tortilla. That’s just too weird. So for both Phase 1 and 3:

  • 1 slice of phase-appropriate bread
  • 1 8-inch phase-appropriate tortilla
  • 1/2 of a phase-appropriate bagel



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674 thoughts on “Eat more to lose more: Your portions on the Fast Metabolism Diet

  1. After the 28 days, if I want to repeat the diet, is there any changes to the program or do I do it the same way? This includes the excercise and doing cardio only on P1.

  2. Hi! Christine, just a quick question, the app says 9oz of fish or tuna, and 1 and 1/2 cup of grains for phase 1 but the book says 6oz and 1 cup only, which is correct??

    • The app calculates your portions. So if you want to lose more than 20 pounds, it adds the additional 1/2 portion you are supposed to have. For Phase 1, that would be 9 oz. fish and 1 1/2 cups grains.

  3. What brand of Sprouted grain pretzels do you recommend?

    My app says to eat within an hour of exercising. I usually eat my afternoon snack 30 minutes before going to the gym. Would I eat an additional snack right after the gym? I usually don’t eat dinner for about 2 hours after the gym because I have to sit in traffic getting home and then have to make dinner. For P1 – would I eat another fruit? For P2 – would I eat another protein?


    • Unique Sprouted Grain Pretzels are great. Don’t worry about the after-exercise snack — it isn’t as important as the snack before exercise. You’ll be fine without it.

  4. Is spelt pasta allowed on P3? If so, how much?

    Also, if you want to speed up the weight loss, can you do P2 for three days? It seems that I only lose weight on those days.

    • 6 oz. of protein would be if you are trying to lose more than 20 pounds. OR fish– the fish portion is 6 oz. per meal

      • I need clarification. On the ounces for the meats or fish, if it says 6 or 9 or whatever, is that per meal or per total ounces that day for that meat or fish?
        Thank you

        • Hi Copper. That’s per meal. The standard portions for meats are 4 oz. and for fish it’s 6 oz. For greater than 20 pound weight loss, it’s 6 oz. meat and 9 oz. fish per meal.

          • I have the book and have read thru just about most of it but I have not come across where it gives you specific portion size like 4-6 oz. Where are you finding this in the book? Can you give me a page numer please? Thanks so much!!

      • I’m just starting this & am very confused about portions. In the book it says 4oz of meat, is that per meal or per day? Also is it plus or instead of 6 oz of fish. Her plans show 3 fruits in phase one but the chart says 1 cup.

        • That’s per meal. You can have 4 oz. meat OR 6 oz. fish per meal. For fruit, you’ll have one cup for each meal where fruit is required.

  5. I noticed that I lose the most weight in P2. Is it ok to do P2 for three days and P3 for 2? I am doing great. Just completing week 5 and lost 19 pounds and I still have 40 pounds to go.

  6. Hello!
    I have started the FMD and have lost around 8lb in my first week, and after that could not lose anymore weight; right now, i’m in my third week and just have seen size reduction on my body but my weight is still the same after 1st week.
    My husband is doing the same diet and he does not have that problem. He already lost 17 pounds and still losing on.
    what can I do? I don’t know what am I doing wrong.
    Thank you!

    • The same is happening to me. If the scale isn’t showing a loss but the tape measure is, be glad and go with it! Perhaps you are on a plateau, hang in there. Men always seem to lose quicker. Stick with it you’ll be glad you did in the end!

  7. I have only lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks and have followed 100% of my plan. I am in my late 50′s and I take advocare vitamins daily. Is that ok? I am exercising some, but not on yoga days. I just can’t do it!

    • Hi Sue. Everyone is different. A lot depends on your own medical/health issues, habits before the diet, and hormones. It’s a very individual thing. Please stick with it! Many people have a slow week 2 and 3, then it gets better in week 4.

  8. I find this diet makes me constipated. I am eating lots of veggies (and I don’t think I am overdoing it), and following all of the rules/quantities/guidelines, but I am only having a bowel movement twice a week. Is this typical? I am rather uncomfortable in my belly for much of the week. Considering the quantity of fiber going in, I am surprised by the relatively small output. Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks for your time,

  9. Hi Christine
    1. Could we mix raw cocoa powder with boiling water and xylitol to make a hot (sweet) drink?
    2. If this is allowed, could we add a dash of rice milk as well. On what phase is rice milk allowed, how much and what does it count as, as far as food groups are concerned?

  10. Hi Christine
    1. Can we mix raw cocoa with Boiling water and xylitol to make a hot (sweet) drink?
    2. If this is allowed, can we add a dash of rice milk?
    3. Where does rice milk fit into the plan, how much is allowed and what food group would
    it fall under.

    Thanks Christine

    • 1. YES!
      2. You can add rice milk on Phase 1. You could add almond milk on Phase 3.
      4. Rice milk is only Phase 1. You can use 1/4 cup without it counting as a requirement. If you use more, count it as a grain.

      • A question on the milk portions….Does a person who does 1.5 portions also use 1/4 of a cup of rice or nut milk or 3/8 of a cup?

  11. Sorry for sending same question twice Christine – I thought it hadn’t gone through the first time, so tried again……………….

  12. Just preparing to start week 1 first time through, D-Day is Friday for me. Wondering about the water intake – I calculate I will need 9-10 glasses per day. Any issues with electrolyte imbalance because of flushing your system out too much? This was hammered into me with another diet plan where I had to drink that much and I had to take potassium supplements on that plan. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa. As long as you are eating what you are supposed to be eating, we haven’t heard any issues with hyponatremia (drinking too much water). The foods you’re consuming have balanced nutrients, so you shouldn’t run into a problem. If you do, certainly talk to your doctor.

  13. If the recipe in the book calls for two servings but I have to lose more than 20 should I eat 1 serving and 1/2 servings?
    Serving size in the recipes = 1 cup?

    • That’s correct. You’d eat one portion plus another 1/2 portion. Serving sizes are not always 1 cup — it depends on the recipe.

  14. HI! I am still looking around the site for portions as far as flour goes? for example: how many portions is 1 cup of oat/spelt flour?

  15. The Portion chart says 1 cup of fruit in Phase one, on the weekly suggested food chart it says 1/2 cup of fruit for a snack . Which is correct? I have been eating within the guidelines for losing 20lbs.and starting week 3 and only lost 4 lbs., should I have lost more?

    • The fruit portion in PHase 1 is 1 cup. So for recipes that include less than that, you can add additional fruit to the recipe or on the side to get to one cup. Weight loss is very individual — and the diet is a bit different for everyone. So much depends on what you were eating before, your goals, your overall health and any medical/hormonal issues. So celebrate your success and hang in there!

  16. Okay. I’ve completed the 1st week exactly as prescribed – to the letter.

    I’ve not lost an ounce & I’m stunned (& struggling to find momentum for week 2).

    Ideas? I’m 5’2″ & 132 lbs, so really only want to drop 10 or so pounds.

    Still – does this happen to anyone else? I’ve seen excellent results on a pal, so I believe this works.


    • Hi Cathie. Stick with it — this is why the plan is 28 days. It’s a pretty individual thing, and lots of factors can influence how the plan works for you, and the timing of it. Plenty of people don’t lose much the first week, but end up doing just fine. Hang in there.

  17. Can you post the link to the errors/ misprints in the first edition book,please?
    also, Im really confused. I read in this blog that the snack portions for ohase 3 are half of what they are for phase 1….ditto the fruit oirtion for ohase 3 v ohase 1…. But i dont see that imoortant detail mentioned in my book ( which i just bought, so not a first edition), nor in the blank meal charts provided in the book.
    PLEASE help me. I am following the 20-40 lb plan and just now starting Phase 2 in my first week, i dont want to screw this up.
    Thank you.

      • Hi!

        I see you said that there is no difference between meal and snack portions in Phase 1 and Phase 3, however I see in the book it says grains reduce portion sizes for P3. Except my app keeps telling me to eat the same amount as in P1. Which is correct??? Also, I have a 2013 printing of the book and I find items missing from the meal maps…one is missing a fruit, another doesn’t list a veggie at all. And in the P3 breakfasts it only uses a fat (like nut butter) and no protein…so for breakfast is only the fat required?


        • That’s correct. On Phase 1 and 3, there are no differences between the meal and snack portions ON THAT PHASE. But your grain portion is smaller accross the board on Phase 3 (as described in the book). The app will make that calculation for you. For breakfast on P3, you need both a fat and a protein. Nuts have both, so you can use a full portion of nuts if you like, that would cover it. Or you could do with an egg and avocado (fat + protein)

  18. Hi, my husband and I are starting the diet this Friday, and I just have a question about the portion sizes for snacks in phase 2. Since I have 20 pounds to lose, the protein portion size is 4oz. Is this the size for meals and snacks, or do I eat a smaller portion for a snack?

    • On Phase 2, the protein portion for meals is 4 oz. For Phase 2 snacks, it’s 2 ounces. THat’s the only phase where the snack portion differs from the meal portion. good luck!

  19. On the portions for each phase, is that per day or meal?
    I can’t figure out if the 6 ounces of meat is for the whole day or per meal.
    Please let me know what to do. I am starting this in three days and trying to prepare.
    Thank You!

  20. I am totally stressed out trying to follow this diet! The book and meal maps don’t match. I am at week three and have only lost 4 lbs. I have tried to follow the e-book and that is a total loss.It is very difficult to go back and forth. The downloaded maps have thrown me off. Please tell me the foods required for week 3 phase 1, 2 and 3. Are they the same as week 1 and 2???? Can I print off a blank week 3 and 4 blank meal map like I did for the first week OR are they the same??
    This book is very poorly written, very confusing and I don’t think it is worth the price of the book. I do plan to try to follow it for the next 2 weeks If I can get some answers.

  21. Hi Christine; Does taking HRT hormone therapy for menopause impact the diet negatively? I’m ending week 2 and only down 2 kilograms.

  22. In phase 1 can I have egg whites, mushrooms, spinach and turkey bacon/sausage (-The egg white and bacon being the protein) or is that too much protein?

  23. Tengo 61años dos esten en el las arterias estoy haciendo la dieta pero tambien tengo el colon irritable tienes mas recetas con comida no cruda

  24. I am starting my second week. Yes, I have lost weight in fact 6 pounds but am having a lot of leg cramps. I do have leg cramps off and on but very bad ones this week. Does this diet cause cramping? Thanks, Bonnie

    • I generally like to take a magnesium supplement and that keeps legs and other cramps at bay, so I have not had any problems, but my husband is not consistent with his supplements and he has been having terrible muscle cramps.

      I think that the amount of water we are drinking may be flushing out a lot of minerals.

  25. Hi. I just finished week 2. I lost 5 lbs the first week and 2 lbs week 2. In both weeks I have not lost but stayed the same in phase 3. I took away the grains at dinner this week. I have followed everything perfectly. Didn’t even cheat at Halloween! Any suggestions?

  26. I am just starting the diet and would like to lose more than 40 pounds. Right now even the standard portion is huge for me and I feel too full to eat it all. Do I need to force myself to eat the whole amount or am I okay eating until I’m full?

    Also, when do you eat things like pretzels or rice crackers during phase 1? With your snack? With a meal? I’m confused!


  27. Hi there

    Thanks for this resource. valuable.

    Quite a fan of this ‘way of eating’ but have a couple of questions on portions:

    [1] on phase 1 I make a smoothie for breakfast with high GL fruits and 50g of finely milled porridge oats. That seems fine and clear as on page 183 there is a basic recipe to follow. When I get to phase 3 I want to do the same smoothie but with low GL fruits. The principles is less carbs on phase 3 but recipe on page 217 uses same amount as phase 1. Confused… maybe a typo?

    [2] The principle of increasing portion size to lose more weight seems bonkers but I get the principle BUT nowhere can I find confirmation of what I presume is the principle of ratios – i.e. presumably one should increase the amount of EVERYTHING in that meal / phase and not just a bit of it? i.e. is it all about what and in what proportion?

    [3] understanding organic / pesticides / growth hormones and all that kind of stuff is hard. Am I right in thinking that generally US policy is more ‘lax’ than in Europe and so in EU we are more likely to be sold less scary foods?



  28. Hi. I’m gearing up to start this program Monday, but I need some clarification. I found both brown rice pasta and quinoa pasta at my local store yesterday. Can I have the quinoa pasta instead of the brown rice pasta on P1? Thanks so much!

  29. I have lost 7 pounds doing the program for 4 weeks and then kept it going for two extra weeks.for a total of 9 pounds (I am 65 and pleased) As I plan going off the program, my intention is to continue with the guidelines, but I really want to add dairy (greek yogurt in particular). I am not sure what I should be aware of as I move toward a maintenance phase. Can you direct me?

  30. Hi just bought the book live in South Africa. Finding it very confusing. Have 9 kgs to lose but portion sizes are not clear.
    If I choose 250g oats for breakfast then is rice milk lowed with it? For a smoothie you only use 100g oats so then must I supplement the grain portion? I don’t understand what breads can be eaten. Can one eat rye bread?

  31. Is Mochi allowed on the diet? It is a pounded rice, about 24 grams of carbohydrate per 1.5 ounces. Grainaissance makes it out of organic brown rice. The original formula only contains rice, filtered water, and sea salt. When baked it is chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside and it puffs up into a pocket that I fill with fruit. I would like to fix it for breakfast or a snack on Phase 1 or 3. Is that acceptable? Thanks

    • I think you could use it. One cup of cooked brown rice has about 45 grams of carbohydrate. So about 3 ounces of mochi would be the equivalent.

        • You’re right. Taking a closer look at nutrition data. Looks like 1/4 cup mochi (which is very condensed) is roughly equivalent nutritionally to 1 cup long-grain brown rice. Long grain rice is a bit higher in protein. Mochi is made from short-grain brown rice and has natural sugars — it does not contain added sugar. This type of rice is also used for sushi. So while mochi and sweet brown rice isn’t specifically on the food lists, I would feel comfortable using it now and then as a grain, taking care to modify the portion size.

  32. I am a 70 year old woman, only 4 ft 11 in tall. I am concerned about the portions I am eating, as they seem to be too much for me in one sitting. I weigh 150 pounds and am trying to lose 30 pounds. I have done well the first week, and I am having difficulty eating so much food. Any suggestions?

    • Hi there. I’m assuming that because you want to lose 30 pounds, you are eating 1.5 portions. If that’s the case, you can drop down to the standard portions. If you still cannot finish your meals, then do the best you can and eat a portion of everything rather than skipping any one requirement.

  33. I am a type 1 diabetic on insulin. I am 5’4 and weigh 145 lbs. I need to loose about 10-15 lbs. How can I do the phase 2 part of the diet with virtually no carbs and not have my blood sugar drop too low? I need to know what I can eat in case that happens. Thanks!

    • Hi Shannon. Talk to your doctor. You may find that he or she recommends adding some low-glycemic fruit on Phase 2 to keep your levels up. You can certainly try adding lots of lemon and lime, but depending, that might not be enough.

      • Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. It ferments on the sugar that is added to it. I think there is about 1 cup of sugar per 1 gallon of tea. Is it still OK?

        • Haylie has approved plain kombucha. The sugar is ‘eaten’ in the fermenting process. Just be sure you get kombucha without additional added sugar, or flavorings.

  34. I am 70 years old and have over 40 to lose. I have been following the diet to the letter and I’m in the 3rd week and have only lost 5 lbs. I walk every day up to 1.5 miles. I am also constipated and taking Miralax for relief which hasn’t worked after three days. Could constipation prevent me from losing?

  35. Hi I a 5 feet 2 in and 64 with what I think is a very slow metabolism Have tried every diet out there including liquid fasting. So wanting to loose 35 lbs and at my height and age would I still add to the regular portions? I am entering my third week lost 4 the first and only 1/2 the second.

  36. Good heavens I can not type. I am a 5″2″ 64 year old woman. ( clearly my brain is not up to par). I also have never been able to loose weight except with the liquid fasting So I am worried about all this food. But I am following program. As I said above I did loose 4 pounds the first week, I think that is amazing. Just trying to get all the pieces together. Did not realize no brown rice on p3. trying to vary the foods as well but in general I am eating the same things.

    • LOL. Don’t worry about the typing! I’m so happy it’s working for you! We hear this story time and time again, that this diet works where everything else has failed. And you’re losing weight eating food and not starving yourself. It’s quite common that week 2 and into week 3 is slower. For most people, it kicks in again in week 4 and (if you continue) week 5. Try to remember that you are re-training your metabolism and feeding your health. That is a huge benefit that pays dividends for the rest of your life! Good luck.

  37. A question on the milk portions….Does a person who does 1.5 portions also use 1/4 of a cup of rice or nut milk or 3/8 of a cup?

  38. Today is my first day and I had coffee with both cream and sugar. I also skipped bfast and has almonds instead. Did I already ruin the first day? What kind of snacks are we allowed to have for phase 1? I have no yet purchased the book.

    • Hi Erika. You need the book. There’s no caffeine, dairy or sugar on the diet, and there are no nuts in Phase one. AND you shouldn’t skip meals. I’d advise you to read the book — it will all make a lot more sense!

    • At this time, the focus is on the iPhone app. But an Android app is under consideration. It won’t be anytime soon, though.

  39. I lost 4 pounds the first week 1/2 the second and nothing this week. I am following wt loss for 30 pounds should I keep my portions the same? or lower them? I was noticing in many of the posts that people start to gain again or loose very little, Can you tell me how to prevent that if possible. I really need to loose this weight. thanks much

    • Hi Chamois. Yes — people often write when they hit weeks two and three — although you are still healing your metabolism, some people don’t experience much loss during that time. But for most people, it kicks in again in week 4! Hang in there — there’s a reason the plan is 28 days. Good luck!

  40. I’m about to start the diet tomorrow and was just wondering about the snacks…can you only have one snack between meals or can you break your snack in half and have two snacks between breakfast and lunch? Just wondering since I have more than 40 pounds to lose and that’s a big snack…do you have to wait 3 hours til your snack after breakfast?

    • Hi. You should always leave 2-4 hours between all meals and snacks. So for you, you should have your 1 1/2 portion of fruit as your snack, and not break it up.

  41. HI there – Loving the diet thus far. I’m in week 2. I am confused about the portion sizes for snacks on Phase 2. If I’m eating meat (say turkey breast, for example) as my protein at the snack times, do we still consume the same portion size (6oz) as when we consume meat at breakfast/lunch or dinner? Also, how many egg whites = 1 serving?

    • Answered this one above — the P2 snack portion is half that of a meal, so 2 oz for meat, and 3 oz for fish. You can have 3 egg whites for a meal, and 1.5 (or just 2 to make it easier) for a snack on P2

  42. Two more questions:
    1) the food list for phase 2 says we can have limes/lemons but the food map for phase 2 doesn’t have fruit listed anywhere. Do we eat limes/lemons in addition if we want to?

    2) the book lists ideas for snacks (jerky, smoked salmon, etc). Are we able to eat any type of protein on the list for snacks?

    • Hi. You can use lemon and lime juice as flavorings on P2, but they are not required, which is why they aren’t on the meal maps. And for P2 snacks, you can have any P2 protein as a snack — just remember that the portion is half that of a meal, so 2 oz. instead of 4 oz.

  43. What about in P3 – are the portions of healthy fat also half the size of the when eating a meal? (half of what is listed on the chart?) Thanks for you guidance.

  44. i just made a chicken and vegetable barley soup but im not sure how to portion out the barley amount of one cup when i eat it?

    • You can separate the finished soup into the number of portions in the recipe. Then eat one portion if you are on the standard portion, and 1 1/2 portions if your goal is more than 20 pounds.

  45. Hi! I have a question regarding the cookie recipes in the holiday pamphlet. The recipe makes 16 cookies, what would you consider one serving? And should it be paired with a vegetable as a snack?

  46. Loving this so far!! Loving feeling full:) but on phase 1 I find I can’t eat all my food .. Especially at dinner … I get full really fast. Should I eat all my food or stop when I’m full ?? I’m going into phase two tomorrow thx

    • Hi Amy. If you can’t finish a meal, don’t force yourself — but do try to eat some of everything, rather that skipping a whole meal requirement. Good luck!

  47. Do i weigh the protein before i cook it or after?
    Can i have chumus 2 times in one day on phase 3?
    Also ive been on the diet for one week now and only lost 2 pounds. Im drinking tons of water which my body is so not used to so im wondering if my body is still adjusting to the amount of water and retaining some of it?

    • Use pre-cooked weights for animal proteins, except when pre-cooked already (like lunch meat). Yes, you can have hummus twice in one day on P3, although Haylie advises getting as much variety into your diet as possible. And don’t dwell too much on weight loss yet — the first week is often a real roller coaster. Some lose a lot, some lose a little and lose later. Give the diet a chance!

  48. How can I loose belly fat, and still eat… lots of people say go hungry but it didnt help me. I want to loose belly fat and be as heal5hy as I can be :)

  49. I have been on the diet 6 weeks and lost 13 pounds. I emailed my receipt for the cookbook to get the holiday recipes weeks ago and still I have not gotten them. Can you help me with this – this there some else I am suppose to do?

  50. Christine; I have written 2 posts, and now do not know how to find either what I had asked or the answer to it. Is a reply also emailed to me? I am afraid I am having much more success with the diet than I am with the internet….not my skill set! Many thanks…..I THINK I can find THISarea to look again at least! C

  51. In phase 3, you may have whole eggs, can you confirm the serving size per meal? I thought I read 1 whole egg is the serving size for phase 3 and 3 egg whites for phases 1 & 2.

    • Correct. On P1 and P2, it’s three egg whites. On P3, it’s one whole egg — and you can add up to an additional 2 egg whites if you like (if you’re making an egg salad, for instance)

      • Thanks for the info…the egg salad recipe confused me when I saw 3 eggs, so I wasn’t sure if the serving size was 1 or 3…thanks for the clarification.

  52. Hello! I am close to start Phase 3 for the first week and I’m confused as in my book in the list of portions it says Fat/Protein (for example: Breakfast: Fruit, Fat/Protein, Grain, Veggie). Does this means that I have to choose a fat or a protein? Meaning, for a snack it says Veggie, Fat/Protein; so I should eat for example slices of carrot dipped in guacamole (or hummus) or should I add a protein? Or can I eat for example, cucumber and almonds? Thank you!!

  53. Hello guys! I have two questions:

    1. Sometimes I take naps during the day as my work schedule is a little compplicated. When I wake up from a nap (usually goes from 30 mins to 1 hour) do I also have to eat within 30min from waking? Or does the 30 minute rule only apply for overnight sleep? I’m not sure as this will mean to eat an extra portion or to mess up with the hours when I eat.

    2. I’m in day 2 of Phase two and I have followed the diet strictly. I am a vegetarian, I eat fish but not eggs. And yesterday I made the exercise session for phase 2 (a class of Body Pump). Today like at 3am I woke up with a cold sweat, seeing black spots and feeling very very weak; I called my mom (she’s a vet) and she told me that my blood sugar probably went down so she gave me a camomile tea with a lot of sugar and within 30min I was fine… I don’t want to eat sugar as it is one of the rules of the diet, however, I’m not sure if a fruit will bring my sugar up in case I get another one of these episodes. Is there something I can do to the diet to avoid this happening? I have read the site and the book and I don’t find a case like this one, so I’m not sure if I should go to the doctor before continuing with the diet? I know that my body has to adjust to not eating sugar and that people tend to feel weak, etc because of the withdrawal symptoms, but this morning I almost fainted…

    Thank you very much for your attention.

    • Hi Paula. A 30 minute nap doesn’t count as sleep, so you do not need to eat right away.

      Sugar withdrawal is hard. If you have the low blood sugar problem again, you can add a low-glycemic fruit like berries. That should do it.

  54. I will start phase 1 tomorrow i want to lose 120 pound what are portion sizes should i eat and how much water should i drink

    • Start with the 1 1/2 portions, as outlined above. BE sure to eat lots of veggies. For water, start with 100 ounces. As long as your urine is clear, then you’re drinking enough. That question came up once before when someone asked Haylie if thee was an upper limit on water intake.

      • RE: so much water: I wish I had found this out earlier! I feel like I have been walking around as a water tank all day, heading to the bathroom every half an hour to hour, and having less sleep as I’m now having to go 3-4 times in the middle of the night! It made life difficult for my first week. I will aim for 100 oz, and now pay attention to my urine!

    • Hi Misan. You should eat whatever the food requirements are at their correct time. But otherwise, there is no reason you need to have “lunch” foods at lunch or “dinner” foods at dinner. So as long as your meal meats the requirements, you can eat whatever you like from the food lists.

  55. Hello! I couldn’t find it anywhere in the book specifically. For Phase 1 & 3 for fruit portions, is it okay to mix fruit? Example: For a snack, could I have 1 small kiwi & some melon or for a smoothie, could I mix strawberries & pineapple? or does it have to be a full serving of only one specific kind of fruit? Thanks.

  56. As this is the first time i’ve seen this link that a friend emailed to me, I have been following the book and app and have increased my portions due to the books suggestion and my app. Now after being on the plan for a little over 4 months i find the book suggestions have changed! BUT i’ve lost 30 lbs!! by just following the book, mistakes and all. So, maybe it does pay to eat more when you have to lose more than 20 lbs.
    Also, I don’t belong to pin/facebook/twitter but get weekly emails and videos/blogs etc.
    How come I never received this information?!

  57. I lost 18 lbs and feel good. But my LDL went way up when tested after the weight loss. Is this something that others have experienced? I will re-test again in a few months, but my Dr is concerned.

  58. My boyfriend and I are on P3 of week one, and I just realized that we’re not supposed to have fruit with dinner for P1, which we did, both days – oops! (as well as another fruit three hours after, because we’re up long days). However, I read somewhere on here that you’d mentioned the reasoning for this was because Haylie wanted to keep sugar out of our bloodstream for 15 hours before the next P1 breakfast, but what about if we’re up late and need to have a snack after dinner (which we always are)? I assume we still need to have the fruit as a snack but wouldn’t that mess with the reasoning behind not having it at dinner? Thanks in advance for your response :)

    • You’re right – if you are up late, you’ll still need the fruit snack. Choose something low glycemic like berries or grapefruit. It’s better if you don’t have the sugar between lunch and breakfast, but if you are up late, you need the fuel, so fruit it is!

  59. I have been waking up with leg cramps the last few nights. I am just starting my 3rd week. Is this normal? Do I need to eat more potassium rich foods?

  60. HI, I’ve have been following the program for 22 weeks. Weight loss is minimal (7 lbs). I lose pounds on P1 & 2, only to gain back on P3. I’ve gained 1″ on my waist and developed chronic constipation. I have incorporated all the informaton on the blogs: for gaining weight on P3, gallbladder, constipation. I read everything that other people write trying to find something that I have missed. I went on maintenance for a month and thank goodness I didn’t gain anything! I was able to fix the constipation problem by adding lots of psyllium fibre. I re-read the book and started again. Just finished week 1 and I’ve gained a pound and I was constipated for 4 of the 7 days! I do drink 12 (8 oz) glasses of water daily. When I was on maintenance I had a bit of fat (1/4 c of coconut milk) in my daily protein shake at breakfast. So, I’m thinking that my body needs some fat every day, but when I remove it for P1 & 2, I think it causes the constipation. Any ideas of how I can get this program to work and lose some weight? Thanks for your help.

  61. I’m in phase3 and rhubarb is a vegie. Can I cook the rhubarb with xylitol and use it as the vegie with my oatmeal and fruit in the morning. If so, how much or would I treat it as a unlimited veggie. Also for a snack can I use celery and Almond butter. If so how do I determine the amt of almond butter. The jar states, 2 tbsp per serving which seems to be to much but I don’t want to have to much or to little. Thanks

    • Yes, you can use rhubarb in that way. It would be an unlimited veggie. For a P3 snack, celery and almond butter is great — you can use 3 tablespoons of almond butter.

    • The snack portions are different for proteins on Phase 2. For meals, it’s 4 ounces, for snacks it’s 2 ounces.

  62. Hello! I am starting Phase 2 of Week 3 tomorrow, I haven’t lose any weight and had some questions. I am vegan but I have been eating fish only for the diet of Phase 2, however, it is difficult for me to eat fish 5 times a day for 2 days when normally I don’t eat fish at all. I do eat Soy but I live in Costa Rica, thus, the type of soy you mention in the book is not available neither is the Pea Protein or Haylie’s shakes… During those two days I end eating a lot of greens (the ones on the list that are available in my country) but overall is a very small amount of food and I’m always hungry and have headaches (only those 2 days) and at the end of the second day I am very week and feel like I’m about to faint. Is there something I could do? I bought a pure soy protein shake (it is the most similar thing I found to the pea shake you recommended in another post) and have been using it for breakfast and a snack… I know I could buy Whey Protein Powder but I’m not sure if it is better than the soy… Or what else could I eat in phase 2… Thank you!

    • Hi Andrea. If you are willing to eat fish during phase 2, what about egg whites? I think using the soy protein shake would be better than whey (which is a dairy product). You could use the soy protein to make a green smoothie with vegetables, ginger and lemon for Phase 2 breakfast and snacks. Then you would only have lunch and dinner to eat fish or tofu, if you can find plain tofu. Headaches on P2 often mean not eating enough vegetables, but it sounds like you are. You should be eating lots of protein on Phase 2, but if you cannot find any tofu, that is hard. You could try — instead of the fish — eating some beans, even though they are not on Phase 2. If you choose the lower-carb beans like lima beans or black beans, that might get you through Phase 2. And because beans also have some carbohydrate, that also might help with the headache.

    • In P1, the portion is 1 cup COOKED and for P3, it’s 1/2 cup COOKED. The dry amounts depend on the type of oats you use. If you use steel cut oats, 1/4 cup dry cooks to 1 cup. If you use old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup dry cooks to about 1 cup.

  63. I saw old fashioned buckwheat pancake mix from hodgson or hodgson mill at the store is is ok. I was looking for buckwheat flour but didn’t find any.

  64. I bought FMD Cookbook. There is a recipe for Chipotle Dressing under phase 2, but looking at the ingredients I think you could use it on any phase. I am correct or misinterpreting something.

    Thank you.

    • Many of the recipes in the book can be used on more than one phase — if the ingredients fit, then go for it!

  65. I just started wk 1 day 1. I’m feeling hungry between snacks and meals. Can I eat vegetables. Also I’m confused about the potion size. For lunch I’m going to have the tuna apple spinach salad. It says serves 2. Do I eat half of the serving and save the rest.

    • Yes, if the recipe serves 2, you can save the rest for another meal. And if you feel hungry, eat more veggies — you can even have them between meals and snacks.

  66. Hello. At the begining of the plan my goal was to loose a little bit more than 20 pounds (it means 1.5 portions).
    Doing the program, I lost 5 pound, and updated my weight in the app, and my portions for the following weeks were adjusted. Is this correct or I have to finish the whole program with the original portions?



    • That’s correct. Once your weight loss goal is less than 20 pounds, you adjust your portions to the standard portion.

  67. The article above says to eat 1 cup of veggies with snacks. I didn’t think veggies were mandatory with any of the phase’s snacks. Are they required or just optional? Thanks.

  68. I am in week 3 looking to lose 10 pounds I usually eat very healthy/similar foods prior to the FMD but have the occasional sugar and cocktail. Since starting have been following the recipes and the meal plans with very little deviation. Lost 4.5 pounds the first week. Middle of second week I have started to gain weight. Up 3 pounds. I can understand the no weight loss during weeks 2 and 3 according to the book – however I do not see how I can be gaining weight. Feeling frustrated I am seeing on the blog that it true for others as well. Any suggestions?

    • Ni Nicole. Hang in there. This is why the plan is 28 days. I am not sure why you had this little bounce in week two — it’s not common. It might be hormonal (if you are near your period), or more likely one of those weird unexplainable bubbles. For most, the yo-yo-ing smoothes out. Hang in there!

  69. I did this diet for 2 months this summer. I lost 18 lbs. I did maintain it for a while. The weight has crept back, I eat a healthy diet, very little sugar. Why do some people have trouble with weight while the next person just coasts along and doesn’t have to think about it?

    • I wish I had the answer to this one. It’s the story of my life — and probably many people here, I’m sure. For me, after I did the diet, the issue was processed foods — the pastries and wheat found their way back into my diet, and I started to gain. So for me, I found that wheat is really my trigger — and I’m a lot more careful about it now. For you, your “trigger” foods may be something different.

  70. On page 105 it states 1 cup of fruit for phase 1 and 3. However the recipes seem to call for 1/2 cup. Please clarify. Thank you.

    • Yes — you can have an additional 1/2 cup of fruit on the side. Or you can add another 1/2 cup to the smoothie. It’s your choice.

  71. Regarding portion sizes, I was wondering about the hummus recipes in the book, which both state they make 6 portions. I’ve made both (they’re great, btw!) and both seem to make a LOT more than 6 portions at 1/3 cup each. I estimate it’s more like 10. Am I crazy? LOL Is it because I make it in the food processor and it whips more air into the mix, making it fluffier?

  72. Hi I’ve just finished day 7 of 1st week. For the last two days I’ve had a congested chest, drycough and a cold. I’ ve even come down with fever. What medicines can I’ve? Also I lost 4.4 lbs in the 1 st 4 days than nothing. Also if I’m prescribed antibiotics will it hamper my diet? What do I do?

    • Hi Lubna. When you’re sick, it’s best to follow the advice of your doctor and focus on getting well. Weight loss is not your body’s priority right now. You can go back to the diet when you feel better. You were doing well for those first few days, and you’ll do well again!

  73. Hello,
    we just started the diet, and are wondering if potatoes count as veggies or more as charbs?
    What about Spelt pasta in Phase 1? What would be the portion? Thank you very much, Lisa

  74. Pls Somebody can help me?
    I’m new to this forum and to this diet
    I’m from italy I got the book in italian language and i bet is wrongly translated
    my biggest problem are the portions because are count on cups or cooked food and is very difficult for me to understand
    My questions are
    how many grain should i eat on P1 Or P3 in grams row?
    how many grams of beans in P1 or P3 in grams row ?
    and also I’m a veggie can I eat whole eggs in P2
    thank you very much for your help

    • For grains in Phase 1: 250 grams of cooked grains. In Phase 3, 125 grams of cooked grains
      For beans, 40 grams in both P1 and P3
      No whole eggs in P2, but you can have 3 egg whites for a meal, and 2 egg whites as a snack.

  75. I feel fantastic on this diet. More energy then when I was on caffeine. I have lost 32 pounds and would like to lose about 10 more. Should i cut my portions back to the “under 20 lb.” amounts?

    • Hi Sally — Yes — once you have less than 20 pounds to go, you can drop back to the standard portion! Congratulations!

  76. Dear Christine ,
    Thanks to reply to me, from so far away ,so helpful , lovely!
    I got few more questions for you
    as a veggie I can deal with fish but I really can’t manage 5 times a day on P2 I feel sick, so I read somewhere on the book that I can have at least 2 whole eggs a day on P2 am I wrong?
    Also I’m caffeine addicted, and I get terrible headache, sometimes I work on evening shift and I can’t do it without, so I’m cutting little by little and instead of taking pills for headache (which are made of caffeine and paracetamol ) I take few tea spoon of black coffee and it works can I do it?
    And I read on Haylie site about coffee substitution :
    Giving up caffeine doesn’t have to mean the smell and taste of coffee are gone forever. You’ve got quite a few coffee substitutes to choose from, including:
    • Pero — a mix of malted barley, chicory and rye — is one of the best. It comes as a powder; you simply add hot water (along with almond milk and/or stevia if you like).
    • Cafix (made of barley and chicory) is also popular. It also comes as an instant powder.
    • Celestial Seasonings produces a coffee substitute called Roastaroma that comes as a tea bag
    • Some people swear by roasted dandelion root as a coffee replacement. Traditional Medicinals makes one that comes as a tea bag
    Can I have those drinks freely on any phases?
    Waiting impatiently for your reply , thanks again
    Annalisa from Italy

  77. I’m going to start with the diet, but I have hypothyroidism. I take 125mg manufactured levothyroxine every day. Will this diet work for me?

    • Many of Haylie’s clients have thyroid issues. It’s not possible to predict anyone’s weight loss, but many people battling hormone issues say this diet is the only one that’s helped them lose weight, even if it is slower. Good luck!

  78. Hi Christine,
    I have a question about portion sizes for the soup and stew type recipes.
    I’m using the standard portion size formula, but how much soup would I eat per meal? For example, some of the recipes say ‘serves 4′, but the amount of soup the recipe actually makes is huge. Also, for the Coconut Curry Chicken recipe, how much curry and quinoa can I eat?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Jennifer. For the soups, it’s really all about the protein portion. So if a soup uses 12 ounces of protein plus a bunch of veggies, it’s always going to serve 4, no matter how many vegetables and chicken broth you use. For the coconut curry, that makes four servings as well. You can have 1/2 cup quinoa per person with it.

  79. dear Christine
    I got few questions
    as a veggie I can deal with fish but I really can’t manage 5 times a day on P2 I feel sick, so I read somewhere on the book that I can have at least 2 whole eggs a day on P2 am I wrong?
    Also I’m caffeine addicted, and I get terrible headache, sometimes I work on evening shift and I can’t do it without, so I’m cutting little by little and instead of taking pills for headache (which are made of caffeine and paracetamol ) I take few tea spoon of black coffee and it works can I do it?
    Can I have those drinks freely on any phases?
    Waiting impatiently for your reply , thanks again
    Annalisa from Italy

    • Hi. It’s only egg whites on Phase 2. You can have egg whites on P2 instead of fish. Try scrambling them with some veggies!
      As for caffeine, it’s best if you can finally stop using it. However, we hear from people who are not doing this. It’s certainly better in the long run to give it up.
      Haylie does not recommend coffee at all — on any phase.

  80. Im goin on my 3rd week on monday..the first week I lost 6lbs but once I hit phase 3 over that weekend I gained 3lbs im steady no loss or following the app everyday in every phase I dont know if im doin sumthin wrong or drinking more then half my weight in water in ounces..any advice you can give me..


  81. Hi I’m in 3 week and I lost only 1kg in first week, also after one week my weight is very unstable. sometimes I gain a weight even I’m following the book 100%. I’m 150cm tall and 48kg. do you know why?

    • It’s hard to say. Have you run the labs that Haylie recommends with your doctor? When Haylie has clients who are struggling, that is the first thing she checks, so see if there are hormonal imbalances.

  82. I wanted to lose 45 pounds, so i increased my portions. I am now down 35 (and feel great). Should my portions be cut down?

  83. I’m getting ready to start on the 17th (!!!!) and will be picking up the book from my library as soon as our crazy mid-western weather behaves.
    I’m sure there is a better place to ask these questions (maybe the book answers them) but here goes.
    (1) I breast feed my 17 month old still, so I read in an article on here that I should add more fruit? Is this correct? How much more? I am in the 40lb+ to lose group, so my portions would already go up 1/2.
    (2) Someone said peanuts are not allowed on FMD, is this correct? What about natural peanut butter?
    (3) I take a daily multi-vitamin and Fish Oil supplement, can I continue to do so, or will it affect the diet?
    (4) I take a low dose of an SSRI drug, will it affect the diet, or visa-verse?
    Thank you!!!

    • 1. Haylie advises 5 fruit servings per day to her clients that are nursing, on all phases.
      2. No peanuts or peanut butter (it’s exlained in the book)
      3. You can take whatever supplements are recommended by my doctor
      4. All medications can potentially effect your metabolism, but many, many, many people are doing the diet very successfully anyway!

  84. I am currently on the 20-40 lbs portion sizes. I was wondering that when I finally lose some weight and only have less then 20 lbs to go, do I switch my portion sizes to the less the 20lbs or do I continue with the portions that I started with??

  85. I have celiac disease along with many food allergies. On the app under grain there is few grain options for me to have. How do I make a meal out of rice flour? Also why can’t you have bananas?

    • You can certainly do the diet gluten free. You can have quinoa in P1 and P3. Try certified gluten-free oats in those phases too, and you can have wild rice in both phases as well. Bananas are too sugary for the diet.

  86. 20 lb loss Oil portion is 2 – 4 tablespoons per meal / snack that would be up to 20 tablespoons if you used oil as your fat for all three meals and snacks. Is this correct?

    • It’s correct, but probably not what you’ll do. Keep in mind that the oil portion for each meal assumes you are having oil for your TOTAL healthy fat portion. In reality, for a meal, you might use 2 tablespoons as part of a stir fry, and another two tablespoons in your salad dressing.

  87. “For those of you who want to lose more than 40 pounds, note that this is a change from the book. The book advises adding another 1/2 portion for every additional 20 pounds of weight you want to lose. But there’s no upper cap in the book. That would mean, for a 100-pound weight-loss goal, the book guides you to eat 3 cups of oatmeal along with three cups of fruit (for Phase 1 breakfast). The problem? That’s too much food for a normal stomach to process in one sitting.

    This change comes as a result of feedback from hundreds (actually thousands) of you. Double and triple portions are just way too much food ”

    Look I have to say the science behind this diet is fascinating. I have been looking for a good diet to boost my metabolism for some time. I was and still am very interested in this diet and am feeling very good at the end of week 1.
    Non the less the week was has been been a struggle, not because of the food but because of the portion sizes and the confusion and contradictions throughout the book about how much to eat.

    I’m sorry but with 20 years of research and all the money that has gone into producing this diet, getting the portion sizes wrong is so fundamental that I wonder how such mistake could ever have been made.

    I would love to edit this book, although i have no experience in this area! I believe it is full of, not only basic healthy eating strategies but also some quite revolutionary metabolism boosting information that could help so many in our communities who struggle with heath problems and weight management. The difficulties in using this book could be so easily rectified by a good editor but there is with one simple change that could solve so many of the anomalies.

    Why do the basic menu maps ( page 116) not have weights for each type of food?

    So now I must admit to presenting yet another of our 1st world problems! Here I am spending time commenting on a diet book, when such shameful quantities of money are spent in this industry, compared to what is spent on the whole of world aid, which helps amongst so many other things those who are literally STARVING.


    • Sprouted wheat breads are not gluten free. There are many other sprouted grains, but anything that’s related to wheat, even if it’s sprouted, will not be gluten free.

  88. My weight is going up and down, first week I lost 3 pounds and on second phase 1 got up 2 pounds then I got down 3 pounds, now I am on third week phase 1 and I am up 2 pounds again, is this normal?

    • Some yo-yo-ing can happen — this is why a lot of people choose to weigh just once per week. Different people tend to lose best on different phases. Give the program the full 28 days to work.

  89. I know that Haylie wants to try and keep things simple and avoid numbers, but I would really appreciate knowing what is the target number of grams of fat per day (or range) for phase 3 for the less than 20 lbs loss as well as for over 20 lbs of weight loss. It is difficult to cull through what is the correct info and I do lose weight during phase 1 and 2, but then gain weight during phase 3. I have a food background and am easily able to look up grams of fat per serving of a food and would prefer to be able to really hone in on my total fat intake per day. Many thanks for providing this information.

    • Hi. This diet just doesn’t work like that — there are no target grams of fat or number of calories or grams of carbs that you are supposed to have per day. If you tend to gain during P3, check out this video — Haylie talks about it — why and what you can do. I know this is a different kind of eating plan but Haylie really does want to get people thinking about food and not about grams.

      • Thank you for your response. I have watched the video and now have even more reservations about the fat intake during phase 3.

        The concern is that in most aspects of this plan there are strict rules. No caffeine, no corn, 1 cup starch in phase 1 while ½ cup in phase 3, 4 oz lean protein and 6 oz fish, etc. Yet, in phase 3, when fats are reintroduced, the portion sizes are all over the board relative to fat content. And, in phase 3 so far for me, I gain weight! I have concern about this because if my body is having a hard time metabolizing the fat, and I am ingesting large quantities of fat, then that could be the reason I am gaining weight. High acid fruits and herbs and a carb are not going to compensate for this.

        I did see the blog post on May 13, 2013 which differs from the book that meals should be 4 oz protein and “a healthy fat” and that snacks are a protein/fat such as nuts, nut butter and hummus or 2oz protein and “a healthy fat.”

        However, there is still extensive contradictory information. Examples of contradictory information are as follows-

        Olive oil-2-4 TBSP is a portion. Is it 2 TBSP or is it 4 TBSP? That is a huge difference in total fat intake given that each TBSP has 14 grams of fat. So the portion could be 28grams to 48grams of fat at that meal.

        Same for mayo and salad dressing. A portion is 2-4 TBSP full fat dressing or safflower mayo. Is it 2 or is it 4?

        If you look at other foods, such as protein/fat, 2 TBSP almond butter =17g fat and 7 gr protein, yet only 1 whole egg and 2 whites as a serving only contains only 4.7 grams total fat. Why wouldn’t this just be 3 whole eggs yielding 14.1 grams fat (closer to that of 1 TBSP olive oil) and 18 grams protein which is about what 4 oz raw meat equates to in protein.

        Another contradictory example is almond milk. Anything over 1/4 cup counts as a fat, yet ONE CUP only has 2.5 grams of fat. How can that be considered equivalent to 2 TBSP olive oil???

        This is why I made my original request for what the fat intake per day should be. It is clear that on days 1-4, the protein and carb intake is well defined and controlled and produces weight loss results. I would just like to be able to do the same for phase 3 as well.

        Many thanks for your help in addressing these concerns.

        • Hi Laur. I can only reply with the information that’s in the book, or has been clarified by Haylie. I’ll certainly pass your concerns along to the book’s editors for consideration.

          • Thanks very much Christine. I appreciate your help (and hopefully Haylie and the editors) in getting phase 3 as concise as phases 1 and 2.

  90. Im on 4th week now im only down 5lbs..I watched the video link u provided and next week ill start 2-3-2..I wonder if im doin sumthing wrong or need sumthing checked following the app as far as portions for each phase plus drinking recommended water per day..thank u

    • Hi Shellie. For some people, it’s just slower — the good news is that you lost 5 real pounds in a month. We hear from many people who say this is the ONLY diet that’s allowed them to lose weight. Haylie always suggests having your labs checked — that’s the series of lab tests discussed in the book. Those will tell you if you have any hormonal imbalances.

      • Ok..thank u..yes I think my are unbalanced or sumthing..becsuse my cousin lost 70lbs in 3 months..I was only hoping to lose 40lbs from this new I am very constipated on this change..

  91. I started the FMD on Monday the 10th, and so far so good. I have also uploaded the app on my iphone. My question is this: Can I change the time of my meals and snacks that are automatically posted on the iphone app??? They are every 2 hours, and I know that the book say’s you can eat every 2-4 hours depending on your schedule. Thanks so much for your answer in advance!

    • Yes — you can change them. Just tap and hold the icon on the right of the meal time, then drag it up or down to adjust the time.

  92. I am making the Tuna and Green Apple salad for phase 1. I notice it calls for a 5oz can of tuna and this salad recipe is for 2 servings; therefore each serving would be 2.5 oz. Since the fish recommendation is larger; ie 9 oz for me, is a person supposed to supplement protein from another food?

  93. 1st day of Phase 1 weight loss goal 45# – my question – Lunch = 1.5 c grain, 9 oz fish, 2 c veggies, 1 c fruit. Why does the Phase 1 Week One Meal Map show “Open Face Turkey Sandwich” for lunch – 1 slice bread, 2 0z deli turkey? Not near enough protein, veggies and no fruit? Very confused

    • Hi. You’re right — the sample meal maps are suggestions, and don’t always include every requirement for your meal. So yes, you’d need to add more protein to meat your requirement, and be sure to include vegetables and a fruit serving as well.

  94. The Oatmeal Fruit Smoothie is confusing. Even if on the 20# weigh loss track it’s only 1/2 the recommended grains & fruit. Are you supposed to drink 2 for breakfast? or 3 if on more than 40# track?

    • Hi there. Your grain portion on Phase 1 is one cup cooked. So for the smoothie, you can use 1/2 cup dry oats (which cook up to 1 cup cooked oats) or you can use 1 cup cooked oats. For fruit, you can include up to a cup in the smoothie. If you add less to the smoothie, be sure to have the remaining fruit on the side, to equal your one-cup portion for that meal.
      If you are doing the 1 1/2 portions, you can use 1 1/2 cups cooked oats and 1 1/2 cups of fruit in your smoothie.

  95. I purchased The Fast Metabolism Diet book a few days ago, am in the process of reading the book and am in phase 1. I prepared the Chicken and Barley Soup, portion size 3 cups (pg.188) and the Turkey, White Bean and Kale Soup, serves 4 (pg. 190) I needed to find out the portion size of that soup and after measuring it out realized a portion size would be 4 cups. I followed the recipe to the T. I like to eat but these portion sizes are so very big! I cannot eat 4 cups of the Turkey-Bean-Kale soup nor could I consume 3 cups of the Chicken and Barley Soup. I have read several comments from other dieters who say they are starving on phase 1. Am I not reading or understanding something correctly about the portion size?

    • Hi there. Thanks for writing about the this. The turkey and white bean soup actually serves 8, so that will make your portion a more reasonable two cups. That is a typo on that recipe. Since it calls for 2 pounds of ground turkey, that would be 8 4-ounce portions of protein. As for the chicken and barley soup, that recipe also calls for 2 pounds of meat, so it would serve closer to 8. So you can reduce your portions on that one too. Looking at the protein in a recipe is a good way to figure out how many it will serve — that’s a good strategy for other recipes too — divide out the protein by 4 ounces per person to get the number of portions.
      Don’t worry if you technically ate too much of those soups — it really should not make a big difference in your success.

  96. How can I send you an email with an attachment on it. I have made my own “quick at a glance’ portion size table, that I want checking. This is a fantastic diet but editing is simply appalling and everyone is confused about portion sizing because there are so many inconsistencies in recipes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it easier for all of us. I have done ALL the hard work for you, made the table and filled it in as best i can by trawling through recipes and answers to portion sizes but I cannot send it in this format and need to email it with an attachment. PLEASE HELP!!

    Phase 1
    Exercise 1 day cardiovascular
    Breakfast Grain 30g or 1 slice bread, oats? + Fruit 1 piece
    Snack Fruit 1 piece
    Lunch Grain 30g or 1slice bread, Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 egg whites + Veggies + Fruit 1 piece
    Snack Fruit 1 piece
    Dinner Grain 30g or 1 slice bread, Protein 100g meat or 170g fish or 1 tin 3 egg whites + Veggies + Fruit 1 piece

    Phase 2
    Exercise 1 day strength training
    Breakfast Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 egg whites + Veggies
    Snack Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 egg whites + Veggies
    Lunch Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 egg whites + Veggies
    Snack Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 egg whites + Veggies
    Dinner Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 egg whites + Veggies

    Phase 3
    Exercise 1 day Yoga Stretches Deep Breathing
    Breakfast Grain 15g or 1 slice bread, oats? + Fruit 1 piece + (Healthy Fat ½ Avocado or ¼ cup raw nuts or ¼/cup hummus/ guacamole or 2 tbs nut/seed butter or 2-4 tbs salad dressing. or Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 eggs) + Veggies.

    Snack Fruit 1 piece, + Healthy Fat ½ Avocado or ¼ cup raw nuts or ¼/cup hummus/ guacamole or 2 tbs nut/seed butter or 2-4 tbs salad dressing + Veggies
    Lunch Fruit 1 piece + (Healthy Fat ½ Avocado or ¼ cup raw nuts or ¼/cup hummus/ guacamole or 2 tbs nut/seed butter or 2-4 tbs salad dressing. or Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 eggs) + Veggies

    Snack Fruit 1 piece 1 piece, Healthy Fat ½ Avocado or ¼ cup raw nuts or ¼/cup hummus/ guacamole or 2 tbs nut/seed butter or 2-4 tbs salad dressing + Veggies

    Dinner Grain (Optional) 15g or 1 slice bread, oats? + Fruit 1 piece + (Healthy Fat ½ Avocado or ¼ cup raw nuts or ¼/cup hummus/ guacamole or 2 tbs nut/seed butter or 2-4 tbs salad dressing. or Protein 100g meat/170g fish or 1 tin or 3 eggs) + Veggies

    I just need confirmation please correct if wrong. I have to say I am getting frustrated with the portion sizes published so I need some hard and fast rules for this diet. Thank you kind regards Katy

    • Hi Katy. If you are using grams, it’s different. We’re in the US, so on this site, we discuss measures of cups. For grams, it depends on what it is. For instance, for Phase 1, you can have 250 grams of cooked grains, such as oatmeal. You can also have a slice of sprouted grain bread, which is more like 30 grams, or 50 grams of brown rice crackers. This info is in Chapter 5 of your book.

      Same with Phase 2 — the amounts you are listing above are not what’s in the European book that I have. I have 115 grams of meat or 175 grams of fish or 40 grams of beans/legumes. For phase 2 snacks, it’s half that.
      There are no fruit snacks on Phase 3.

      Kathy, please use your book as your guideline.

      • Katie has the right idea. We just need some measurement guidelines as the book contradicts itself of which you are aware. I really don’t care whether it is in cups grams or pieces.
        If you are making you own recipes up (which of course you will want us to do as you educate us,) then we need basic requirements for all meals over all stages, just like Katy is trying for you to do. Can you please look at her extensive post and correct it, so we have a simple plan to work with. You cannot reference each recipe as the amount of grain or protein can be vastly different in the book and you cannot use it.
        looking forward to your planned response.

        • The book — Chapter 5 — is absolutely your best guideline when planning your meals, along with the blank meal map.
          Protein portions are always 4 oz of meat or 6 oz. fish, except for Phase 2 snacks, which are half that.

          Grain portions for P1 are one-cup cooked. For P3, 1/2 cup cooked.

          Your Phase 1 and Phase 2 above are essentially correct, but be aware that Phase 2 protein snacks are 1/2 as much as a meal.

          For Phase 3, you have fruit ONLY at breakfast and lunch. No fruit on snacks.

          Otherwise, your cheat sheet looks good.

          • Thanks Christine for that info. There are just a few more questions I have.
            What are the dried peas and legumes amount for all phases. Looking at the recipes they really vary. I need both the amount dry and the amount cooked please.
            Also grain in phase 3 you have oatmeal where the oat volume is different to the oats in the berry oatnmeal smoothie. So can you please confirm the amount of dried and or cooked grain.
            I phase 3 only 1/2 cup of cooked grain for instance pasta? That is tiny for pasta.
            thanks so much

          • Haylie doesn’t give the amount of dried beans, since she mainly uses cooked, canned beans in recipes. The portion is 1/2 cup cooked beans. For lentils, about 1/4 cup dry lentils cooks to 1/2 cup.
            On Phase 3, your grain portion is smaller — it’s 1/2 cup cooked instead of 1 cup cooked as on Phase 1.
            So yes, it’s just 1/2 cup cooked pasta on Phase 3. Phase 3 is about higher fats and lower carbs.

  98. I just made the chicken mushroom and barley soup. Starting the diet tomorrow. The recipe calls for just 1/4 tsp salt (12 cups of liquid). Thus, no flavor. Can I use more salt? Will it affect weight loss?

  99. Hi…I have scoured the book to find out what size serving I can have of the pasta and simmered tomato-meat sauce. I have more than 20 pounds to lose. I knew to eat 1 1/2 cups of rice pasta but can’t figure out how much of the sauce I can have with my pasta. Thanks!

    • That recipe serves 12. So divide your sauce into four equal containers, and you’ll know that each container serves 3.

  100. I just started the diet on Monday. This weekend I got prepared and made some meals in advance to freeze. I just realized that carrots were not allowed on Phase 2. Can I still eat the meal that I fixed for Phase 2 and just not eat the carrots or because the carrots were cooked with the dish (it was a stew so it was all cooked together) I should not eat the dish at all? I can’t save it for Phase 3 because I used stew beef. Please advise.
    Also, can I use capers in any of the phases?

    • Hi Rea. I would just not eat the carrots — save them for Phase 3. I wouldn’t waste my whole meal because of that. Capers are fine if they are packed in water and sugar free; they fall under ‘pickles’

  101. I am making the Four Bean Veggie Chili for a phase 3 dinner. It says it serves 8; but it would be helpful//easier to know the serving size is (I would rather measure that out than have to divide it into 8 servings right away. Is there a measurement for the serving size for this recipie? Also, can this chili be used for another phase or only phase 3?

    • Hi. I can’t give you the amount of cups — the recipes are all different, and Haylie chose to assign number of portions rather than serving size. When I make the big recipes, I usually split the finished recipe in half — so in this case, two bowls of four servings each. That’s easier for me to figure out than what 1/8 would be. And yes — the veggie chili can also be used on Phase 3 if you add a healthy fat to it.

      • Yes, I know that it can be used for phase 3 as it is in the cookbook as a phase 3 recipie. Can it also be used for phase 1 if you don’t top it w/ the avocado?

        • Yes — there’s no other fat in the recipe, so you can use it in P1 as well. Lots of the recipes work on multiple phases like that.

  102. Yes, I know that it can be used for phase 3 as it is in the cookbook as a phase 3 recipie. Can it be used for phase 1 or 2?

  103. Hello,

    Just started this week and am confused about the portions when I cook from the recipes. I am trying to lose 30 pounds, so I know the portion is 1.5, but I still am confused when it comes to the recipes. If the soup recipe says it serves 6, how much do I eat?

    • Hi Krista. You would eat 1 1/2 of the number of portions. It takes a little math to figure it out. Here’s a cheat sheet:

      If a recipe serves 2, that would be one portion plus a 1/2 portion left over for you
      If a recipe serves 3, for you it serves 2
      If a recipe serves 4, for you it would make 2 2/3 servings
      If a recipe serves 6, for you it would serve 4

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. Is there anyway to understand the recipe portions in terms of cups? Or do I have to divide my turkey, white bean, and kale soup into four to figure out what a serving is?

        • There really isn’t a way to generalize and say all the soups are 2 cups — it really depends on what’s in the recipe. But even if a recipe serves 8, you don’t have to measure out into 8 containers. I just split it in two, so four portions per container. Then I eyeball it from there.

  104. Where can the latest edition of the FMD book be purchased. The site directs you to Amazon or Barnes & Noble which only seem to have the 1st edition(which I have) that seems to need lots of corrections to recipes. I’d like to get the latest updated version so I know what information to go by without having to keep reading blogs. Thanks.

    • Hi there. There is no second edition. There IS a second printing which has been on shelves for more than six months. So any book you buy from a major reseller like Amazon or Barnes and Noble should indeed be the second printing. You can tell because it has a blue graphic on the cover that says “New York Times Bestseller”

  105. Hey, do i have to eat dat much, I have to lose 40, but I am always to full, can I stop eating if I am satisfied of d I have to eat that much…? I am in my first week , I started on Monday but I feel to full all the time

    • Hi. You shouldn’t feel stuffed. Go ahead and try using the standard portion and make sure to eat lots of veggies.

  106. Hi.
    My husband bought the book a few days ago. We’re in Italy, so we have the Italian translation. As appointed cook and menu planner, getting ready to try this diet, I was puzzled about the ciotola measurement which appears everywhere in the translation,. To me, ciotola means a bowl of indeterminate size. I just did a google search for the word, and it turned up some photos together with definitions: you can find it at if you’d like an idea of what I mean. I have solved my own problem by looking up the revised recipe measurements on your blog and comparing the recipes to the Italian. I see that ciotola means cup. The US standard measuring cup is a definite size:: 8 oz. in volume, liquid or dry ingredients. . The word tazza, which means cup, also appears in the translation — but in Italian, the size is variable (an example,of a recipe using both words, ciotola for dry ingredients, tazza for liquid — broth — appears on p.189, Phase 1, Chicken and Barley Soup.) I’m not sure how important precision is here or how puzzled an Italian might be, but thought it might be useful to provide the book with a note to explain the U.S. use of volume in measurement as well as the exact volume equivalent of ciotola and tazza, which is around 225 cc. In Italy, most recipes use weight rather than volume.

    • Hi Carol. Thank you for these notes. I will pass these comments along to the International editor at Random House, who can talk to the Italian bureau. Thank you very much.

  107. How much oats?

    Phase 1
    chapter 5 says 250 grams of cooked grain. In another book I have looked at it says
    (about 28 – 30g grams).
    page 183 breakfasts uses 50 grams oats for smoothie (1 serving)
    and on the same page uses 100 grams oats for oatmeal (4 servings)

    Phase 3
    chapter 5 says 125 grams of cooked grain.
    in another book it again says (15 grams) is this uncooked because it doesn’t say

    Berry nutty oatmeal smoothy page 217
    50 grams oats (1 serving)

    Berry nutty oatmeal
    50 grams oat (serves 1)

    Please could you clarify as this is so confusing!! I just want to know how much dry grain I need to make meals. Thank you

    • If you are using grams, it depends on the grain. Phase 1 portion for cooked oats and grains like quinoa and brown rice is about 250 grams. For dry oats, a portion would be about 45 grams (the smoothie recipe uses dry oats). The oatmeal recipe serves 2, not 4.
      For recipes that don’t use the full per-meal portion of grains, you’ll want to add the additional grain.
      For Phase 3, your grain portion is half of Phase 1, so 125 grams of cooked whole grains (or about 20-25 grams dry)

  108. My work schedule (night shift) and sleep schedule are crazy. so, I wanted to know would the results/benefits be affected if sometimes I change the order in which i eat my meals. for example, I work at night, so when I get off in the morning, I want REAL food. so, on phase one i may eat my veggie, protein, fruit, and grain that morning. And later that day, when I wake up, I may eat a smoothie with steel cut oats and fruits. Will this reversal affect my weight loss/benefits of the diet?

    • Hi. It’s best to keep your meals and snacks in order. BUT — you can decide when your day begins and ends, just keep it consistent. For example, if you typically work 10:00 pm to 6:00 a.m, you could decide that your “day” ends at noon. So you could have your “dinner” at 7:00 or 7:30 a.m., then sleep at 10:30 or so. When you wake up around 6:30 pm, then have your breakfast, then snack, then lunch, etc.

    • It’s frustrating when a recipe says a range (I think there are only one or two that do that). I always look at the protein — if the recipe calls for 1 1/2 pounds of beef, then it serves 6 (4 oz. x 6 = 24 ounces, or 1 1/2 pounds).

  109. hola ,he comprado el libro , y ya casi 2 meses que estoy haciendo la dieta ,creo que al pie de la letra , solo he podido bajar 2 k, y a veces vuelvo a subir , tengo 54 años y mido 1.49 , y queria tambien preguntar si tomo splenda en vez de stevia , es lo unico que no puedo acostumbrarme , deje los lacteos ,cafe , gaseosas,otra consulta mas ,es que mi medico ,me aconsejo tomar muchos lacteos por el tema de huesos , temo que no me haga bien ,que opinan , espero su respuesta muchisimas gracias

  110. Hi. I am in the 4th week of the diet and have lost a grand total of 1Kg, and NO cm loss at all! I am extremely despondent about the whole thing, especially since my husband and I are on this diet together and he has lost more than 5Kg in the same amount of time. I am already on medication for an underactive thyroid.
    I guess this diet doesn’t work for everyone…?

    • Hi Bev. For Haylie’s clients that have thyroid issues, she stressed the importance of talking to your doctor. In her clinic, she often finds that dosages are not correct, or that a client’s dosage needs to change as they become healthier. That’s the first thing to look into.

  111. Can you tell me what the portion size is for baked sweet potato?
    Also, I am delighted to see that I can drink smoothies on this diet. For me, its the easiest breakfast/snack to have. Just started this diet on Monday. So far I haven’t had any cravings, have had plenty to eat, and didn’t even have a bad headache after d/cing the coffee. Hopefully I will finally lose some belly fat with this eating plan. One other comment I would like to make is that I find these posts to be tremendously helpful. Please continue with them!

    • Hi Nancy. Sweet potatoes are an unlimited vegetable. But they are very starchy, so be sure not to rely on sweet potatoes all the time — be sure to mix it up with other veggies too. Thanks for the note and for the compliment!

  112. My husband and I are doing the FMD and are just starting week four. Have seen results but now feel like weight loss has hit a plateau. Both have loss around 12 pounds. Wondering what we are doing wrong or just need to be patient. Following haylie’s meal map from book. Have reframed from any caffeine till 2 days ago. We do feel more hungry during phase 1. Also do we increase our veggies all the time or just during phase 2??

    • Hi Jessica. 12 pounds is great! Peaks and valleys is normal with ANY diet, not just this one. You’ll have periods where you lose steadily, then periods where you don’t. But the diet is clearly working for you, so stick with it. You can add veggies anytime — even between meals, so go for them anytime.

  113. Hello- I am on my 6th day and I feel like I need to eat every 2 1/2 hours. Is this ok? Sometimes even every 2 hours. I was beginning to think that I was hypoglycemic before I started the diet, could that be why?

    Also, my 15 year old daughter has been doing this as well and she seems hungry and tired too much. Is it ok for her to this? Do I need to modify it her? Thank you!!!

    • Hi Stephanie. You have a window of between 2 and 4 hours to consume your next meal or snack, so 2 1/2 hours is okay. And remember, for both of you, you can always, always have veggies whenever, even between meals. Baked sweet potato is a great anytime snack — it’s a starchy veggie with lots of fiber, so it helps keep you full. Try sprinkling cinnamon on it. Remember to add lots of fresh herbs to your meals — they’ll help move toxins out of your body to help with the tiredness. And you might check this blog post for more tips:

  114. I’m starting this diet tomorrow & hoping I’ll get the answer as soon you can. The book is confusing when it comes to portions; 1 cup of grain per meal or it is 1 cup of a grain per day? For example 1 cup of brown rice for lunch and one cup for dinner or we need to split it to 1/2 cup for lunch and 1/2 for dinner?
    Thank you

  115. Hi, my husband and I would like scrambled egg whites and turkey bacon on phase 2, but I’m not sure how many eggs and bacon slices to use. Can you help? Thank you.

    • Hi. On Phase 2, you can have 3 egg whites or 4 oz turkey bacon. So if you want to combine them, you could have 2 scrambled egg whites and 2 oz turkey bacon.

  116. Hi,
    I am a bit confused regarding the portion size of the grains. The book and app mentions 1 cup (250g) in phase 1. When I weigh 1 cup of cooked barley for example or even cooked oats, I don’t get anywhere near to 250g. It is more like 150g give or take. I agree that 1 cup of water weighs approx 250g, but grains? I am a bit worried that I am either eating too much grain or too little. Please specify the exact weight of the grains that I can have when on the standard portion.
    Also when I look at the receipes I don’t have the feeling they add up to the required amounts of foods. If I devide the mentioned serving size in order to know how much I need for one serving, I often don’t get to 4oz of meat or 6oz of fish. It’s often less. Should I just stick to the general required amounts that are mentioned and hence adjust the receipe accordingly?
    Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Kat. I do not have access to the book in other languages, and the foreign publisher is responsible for conversions. You’re right — the cooked grain portion is more like 150 grams. And you’re correct, when you divide recipes, your portions should work out. But keep in mind that proteins are measured before cooking, so 4 oz per person of beef will cook down to a bit less in volume.

      • Thanks Christine for your answer. I guess I have been eating way too much grains in the past weeks :-( in your reply to post no 117 of this chat, you also say the grain amount is 250g and not 150g.

        • We don’t have control over the foreign translations — I looked in the UK version and it does say 250g, but when I did my own calculations, the proper amount is indeed more like 150g.

  117. Hello I’m Sandra
    I write from Italy… I bought the book and i started my diet last monday. I have to say that I tried to make my self recipe because our taste is almost different from americans, with many difficulties I tried to follow the few indications about the portions of every kind of ingredients we can eat in every fase and in spite of everythings I lose in the first four days kgs 2,4 but today I’m at the last day of the first week and this morning my wheight is 1 kg more…May be tomorrow will be more. ( I think) I read again the list of ingredients and I realized I had the wrong type of fruit that I ate. Do you think I can restart my diet and I can found a right quantity of everythings in grams somewhere?

    • Hi Sandra. Don’t worry. This is fairly common – to lose a lot, and gain a little bit back at the end of the week. Please follow the plan as best you can — sounds like you are doing fine.

  118. Hello I’m Sandra again
    I believe that I got it all wrong about third fase.
    On my Ebook is wrote fat / protein and i ate both, but maybe it means or…or.. right?
    Excuse my english but i think really I got it all wrong and I’m afraid to take other kilos.
    What I have to do?

  119. Hi. I just have a question. ^_^ I really love to eat and I’m wondering if I can eat as many as I can while not minding the portion sizes as long as I strictly follow the only allowed foods each phase?

    Thanks a bunch :D

    • No, that’s not how the diet works. You can have unlimited quantities of vegetables, but grains, proteins, fats should be kept to the proper portions.

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